What is it?

Yahoo offers a range of standard units that are both IAB compliant and unique to Yahoo. These ad units represent basic image ads (Flash, JPG, GIF) and text links.

Supported Properties

Ad Unit Specifications

File Types GIF, JPG, or SWF

3 working days

Static Image (GIF/JPG) File Size Max 40 KB
Flash File Size Max 40 KB
Animation Duration Max

30 Seconds

Alternate Text Max Characters 30
Allows 3rd Party Serving? Yes
Audio Permitted Yes, on user click

Flash Specifications

Flash Versions

Flash 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


AS2, AS3

Frame Rate

Frame rate may not exceed 24 frames per second. Banners that exceed 24 frames per second will not be accepted. 12fps is recommended.

Flash 6.0 Notes

Flash 6 SWF files will be displayed for flash 6.0 to plug in browsers only. If the browser doesn't support Flash 6.0 and above the alternate image will be served. Flash 7 ads will be displayed for 7.0 plugin and above, etc.


Loading files from cross domains is not permitted for security reasons.

New Window Requirement

All flash files must open in a new window.


Download sample AS3 .fla templates for common ad sizes.


For Flash Banner ads, please review the Flash Banner Guidelines for AS2 and AS3.


Please also include fonts that we may need for publishing the FLA's.


Not allowed

Third Party

Approved Vendor

For a list of third party vendors who can serve this format and pixels on Yahoo please see here.

Policies and Guidelines

Ad Policies

Ads must comply with Yahoo's Ad Policies and Guidelines, where applicable. The policies and guidelines include: Unacceptable and Restricted Content, Rights and Responsibilities, Stream Ad General Policies, Yahoo Ad Network Policies, Ad Verification Services.

Format Guidelines

There are additional Format Guidelines to follow based on the type of ad.


All ads must be secure and SSL compliant.

Ad Notice

Yahoo requires all display ads have a CLEAR Ad Notice and will label ad units with an "AdChoices" linkable icon or graphic. Read about AdChoices for more information.