What is it?

The 300x250 ad unit appears on the right side of the Yahoo Homepage and can animate up to 15 seconds. All interactivity must be contained within the ad unit. User initiated audio and video are allowed. Clicks can initiate an interaction with the ad and/or redirect to the advertiser landing page. The full experience displays on every page view.

Supported Properties


Ad ComponentsFile TypeDimensionsMax File Size
Base UnitFLA and SWF300x250Initial Load: 60 KB; Polite Load: 100 KB
Backup ImageGIF or JPG300x25040 KB
VideoFLVMax. 300x250Auto-Initiated Video: 2.2 MB; User-initiated Video: 10 MB (combined with creatives)
Turnaround time (working days)5

Flash Specifications



File Size

60 KB

Max Animation Time

15 Seconds

Flash Version

10, ActionScript 3

Source files must be provided and all files must be visible and accessible by the Yahoo Frontpage Team. No swc files or third party precompiled flash components are allowed unless the precompiled flash components are shipped with Flash.

Frame Rate

24 fps

Video (optional)

Duration: 30 seconds max for Auto-Initiated Video.
Minimum Required Controls: Play, Pause, Mute (volume control to zero (0) output may be included instead-of or in-addition-to Mute control).

Audio (optional)

User Initiated on click only. 

Audio must end before or simultaneously with the ad.

Audio must be muted on click to the landing page.

Other Notes
  • This unit can include multiple interactive components within the unit; videos, games, etc.
  • All interactivity must be contained within the ad unit and must be user initiated.
  • Final frame must contain brand attributes.
  • No additional progressive download allowed.
  • One creative allowed only.

Back Up Image



File Size

40 KB



Max Animation Time

Must be static

Other Notes
  • The 300x250 backup image will be for users that cannot view flash.
  • No script users will get the static 300x250.
  • Must be consistent with the final flash frame and contain brand attributes.


Yahoo Building
  • Client must supply all creative assets including but not limited to high resolution logomarks, psds, copy, vectors, uncompressed video, storyboards,  fonts, etc. no later than 5 business days prior to launch.
  • Comp layer enabled psds are recommended to help ensure that the execution is consistent with the client's vision.
  • All creative and copy must be finalized and client approved no later than 5 business days prior to launch.
Client Building
  • All creative subject to Yahoo approval - please reference Homepage General Guidelines.
  • Yahoo requires an interim review of creative before it is finalized, to ensure approval with creative and technical guidelines
  • Client approved final files and redirect url(s) must be provided to Yahoo no later than 10 business days prior to launch
  • Please provide .swf, .as, .fla, image, uncompressed media and all font files used (mac & pc formats)
  • Max number of creative: 1 - no rotation of assets.
  • User initiated audio only.
  • No looping.
  • All interactivity must be contained within the ad unit.
  • Final frame must contain brand attributes.
  • Roll-over functionality is subject to Yahoo approval, it should be short and very simple - for example, a button enlarges or changes color. Animation upon roll-over is not allowed.
  • Ads may not resemble or alter Yahoo Homepage
  • Approved third-party vendors are allowed to run a maximum of two 1x1 image tracking pixels for each creative execution. More details on our Homepage Third Party tracking policy can be found here.